Fake news on Kalu: Amah Abraham Displaying Ignorance –Media Aide
Tales that security details of Senate Chief Whip, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, harassed and molested people in Arochukwu, has been dismissed as fake news.
In a statement, Maduka Okoro, one of the media aides to the former Abia governor, said such false news, credited to Chief Amah, could only come from someone seeking political relevance.
“Senator Orji Uzor Kalu came to Arochukwu to grace the event organised by Arochukwu women and he was well received as a distinguished senator and, perhaps, that’s why someone like Amah Abraham who had wished Kalu stoned, was not happy.
“Let’s put the facts down, there is no way the Chief Whip of the senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria will go to such occasion without security. Most of the security men at the venue were not part of Kalu’s entourage; they were there when the senator arrived the venue.
“The few security men that went to Arochukwu with Senator Kalu never harassed or molested anybody and of course Amah Abraham knows that Kalu wouldn’t have condoled that.”
Okoro said it was the height of irresponsibility for Amah to continue to shout hoax when in actual fact nobody has come out to say he or she was molested or harassed in Arochukwu or anywhere for that matter by any security personnel attached to Kalu.
“Our people are not cowards as Amah Abraham would want people to believe. If any security man attached to Kalu had harassed or molested anybody in Arochukwu, the crowd that trooped out could have reacted angrily, but instead the reverse was the case as they received the senator with joy and fanfare anywhere he went.
“If Kalu intimidated people, it is people like Amah Abraham. Amah Abraham is disturbed about Kalu’s ever rising political profile, but there is nothing he can do. The truth remains that Amah Abraham, after conniving with Kalu’s detractors to put the former governor out of political relevance, and they failed, he now sees the Senate Chief Whip as his political albatross.”
Okoro said Amah should be told in plain language that despite the fact that politics is a leveller in the country, water still finds its course, stressing that Kalu has grown past the type of crude and local politics the former council chairman wants to engage him in.